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Spanish Golden Visa



What you need to know

According with to Law 14/2013 and in its new regulations, please find below the main points you have to consider to applying.


1. Property purchase with a minimum value of 500.000 € without mortgage. For example if the purchase price is 700.000 € the mortgage can be in the amount of 200.000 €. Therefore the first 500.000 € always without mortgage. It can be one property or the accumulation of two or more less expensive purchases.

The Visa now covers common law partners and dependent children over 18 years old plus parents of the visa holder. The Visa of course covers the investor´s wife or husband.

In order to apply for the Spanish Golden Visa the owner must demonstrate the ownership of the property worth 500.000 € and submit the application confirming the ownership of the property.

2. Now the applicant can apply for 1 year VISA in order to visit Spain and purchase a property.

Besides a 6 months VISA is available once a contract to purchase has been exchanged and deposit funds lodged in a Spanish bank account, even though the completion may not take place immediately.

Once the property is purchased the applicant and his family will obtain 2 years VISA and the renewal is for 5 years. Consequently the applicant and his family can apply for several 5 years extension as there is not any deadline.

3.The investor will not be considered as tax resident in Spain even lives in Spain for more than 183 days. Therefore the investor will not pay tax in Spain on worldwide income and worldwide assets.

4.Finally the residency visa now includes the right to work and of course, once employed, that brings the right to access social security and health care.

¿Want to know more?

For more detail information please contact us, we work together with some of the best Law Firms specialists in Estepona and Marbella that can provide personal assistance.


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