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The Costa del Sol is one of newly retired foreigners' favorite destinations. From British to German, French and Russian and everything in between, people from all kinds of nationalities are very attracted by the magnetism of this part of Spain. What does the Costa del Sol have that makes everyone want to retire here?

1- Climate

There's no doubt that climate is one of the decisive factors when choosing the Costa del Sol to retire. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, this area of Andalusia constantly honors its name. In addition, the average temperature is 19 ºC (about 65ºF), a real dream for foreigners who come from a country where below-zero days are common.

2 - Beaches

The pleasant beaches in the Costa del Sol are one of the highlights for those who choose to live here. What relaxation is better than taking a dip, sunbathing or feeling the sea breeze every day of your life?

3- Character

The Spaniard's relaxed way of life, coupled with the idiosyncrasy of Andalusia, make it very easy to live  pleasantly together with the local society, engage in conversations, make friends and enjoy life.

4 - Transportation

Thanks to the Malaga – Costa del Sol airport and the large number of destinations and airlines operation there, it's easy for foreign retirees to visit their home cities and continue to maintain links with family and friends.

5 - Gastronomy

Spanish and Andalusian food is another great reason that makes the Costa del Sol one of the best places to live in the world. Who can resist a plate of fried fish, a skewer of sardines or a good paella?

6 - Shopping and Leisure

Few places have such a good infrastructure to enjoy leisure time as the Costa del Sol. There's an infinity of shops and malls with the most exclusive brands, theaters, marinas, golf clubs, sports facilities, theme parks, etc...

7 - Health

The high quality of Spanish health system is known all over the world. Whether public or private, you're guaranteed to be in good hands during the years when it matters most.

These are just some reasons why the Costa del Sol is one of the places that foreigners enjoy the most to retire. By the way...What would you add to the list?


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