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Selling a house or apartment isn't easy, and it can sometimes be a long and tiring process. In order to avoid this and sell your home as quickly as possible, we've prepared this little guide with our most useful advice and recommendations.

1 – Less is more

Keep spaces clear. A house with an excess of furniture distracts the attention of possible buyers and makes the rooms seem smaller.

2 –Everything in working order

If the doorbell doesn't work, a window doesn't close or something else is rusty, it's time to fix it. Avoiding giving off an impression of sloppiness won't cost you much and will eliminate any doubts about whether other aspects of the home are working order.

3  – Your house, as clean as it can be

On the days when you have visitors, clean all rooms in advance. Don't neglect any detail and throw away anything that isn't in use. Remember that you only have one chance to create a great first impression.

4 – Pay attention to the details

Small things are what make each of the rooms in a house special. Fold the towels next to the sink, add a vase with some pretty flowers to the living room, have the cabinets arrange for when they want to open them, etc.

5- Make your house a home

Try to recreate what the life of your potential buyers would look like in the house you're selling. You can even make a cake or coffee before they arrive so the smell makes them feel at home.

6 – Invest in improvements

The expenses of home improvements are an investment that will be returned when the house is sold. It's worth spending a little in order to attract and delight future buyers.

7- Don't make it personal

Remove any personal, religious or ideological references that may make buyers uncomfortable: flags, family photos, etc.

8 – Look after the lighting

If the house has good lighting, open the curtains and let visitors know how much light really enters through the windows. If it's dark, on the other hand, try and meet with possible buyers in the evening and illuminate your house with warm points of light. This creates rooms that transmit tranquility and comfort.

9 – Temperature is important

Nobody feels at home when they're too hot or too cold. Put on the heating or air conditioning if necessary and you'll make their visit comfortable.

10 – Price it realistically

There's no use starting with impossibly high prices just in case someone pays it, since no one is going to do it. Prices are set by the market itself. Find out the price of apartments or houses that are similar to yours (location, state, age, etc.) and put a price that someone will really be willing to pay.


If you follow these tips, your home will definitely by more attractive in the eyes of prospective buyers and you'll be much more likely to succeed. Here at Livingstone Estates, we know the best tips for selling your house, which is why we're specialists in selling homes in the Costa del Sol.


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